Compur Monitors – one of the leading manufacturers of gas monitors

If is working where gas may be present, the focus must be on personal safety. This applies to pipelines, tanks, waste water station and plants in the oil and gas industry. In order to ensure safety, continuous gas monitoring is required using either fixed or portable measuring devices which comply with or exceed all of the common standards.

Compur began developing and building gas monitors at the end of the 1970s and is now completely specialised in the field of gas monitoring technology since 1984 under the name of Compur Monitors. To this day, its long experience and intensive research continuously create innovative, sometimes even revolutionary results. In this process, customers themselves and their requirements to technical performance are always in the focus of the development and manufacturing process.

We can confidently say that we have made history in the field of gas monitoring and will continue to make history in the future. Thus, most recently, we have brought to market a device with an integrated gas generator in the Statox 560 which not only fulfils all of the usual requirements with regards to safety, but also regularly uses gas to check for itself that the sensor itself and all other components for proper function. As a result, the Statox 560 is the safest device of its type in general.


Toxic and flammable gases represent an ever-present danger to the life and health of personnel as well as undamaged existence of assets, such as industrial facilities and other gas processing systems. Continuous measurements are therefore necessary in order to quickly detect imminent danger and prevent possible damage. With Compur Monitors, you get mobile and fixed gas monitors for a wide range of areas of application.

The requirements to gas monitors are manyfold. The products from the gas monitor manufacturer Compur Monitors convince by reliable detection using intelligent, high-performance plug and play sensors. Absolute precision – even in the long term – is required in order to trace even the smallest quantities of hazardous gases in the surrounding air. In addition, the instruments should be available  to specifically detect many different gases. Other gases than just methane, hydrogen sulphide or carbon monoxide and similar substances are hazardous. Even oxygen, which in principle is essential to life, can have nasty consequences if the concentration is too low or too high. Below 18% there is a health risk from oxygen deficiency. If the concentration rises to more than 24 % by vol. then, for example, oil-soaked clothes can spontaneously start to burn and cause a fire which is then further accelerated by the high oxygen content in the air. Oxygen excess is also a direct hazard to health: It amy damage the nervous system and body tissue.

As one of the leading gas monitor manufacturers, Compur Monitors works to a clear company philosophy. Our mission is to give always the top priority to the needs of the customer and to fulfil his requirements as far as possible. Benefit from our decades of experience and our know how in the detection and precise measurement of leaking gases. We deliver the latest cutting-edge technology at reasonable prices. See for yourself!

Advice, products and services have to be first class in order to bear our name. This is a further part of our company philosophy. Our team will assist you with advice and support in all of these areas. You can count on us to have a ready ear for all of your questions on the topics of gas monitors, accessories, installation and maintenance. If you need an individual, tailor-made solution different to common standard, we will be the right partner for you. We see each customer request as an exciting challenge which we tackle with our full innovative capacity.

The safety of employees in the workplace is in the sole responsibility of the plant operator. However, the use of gas detectors is not regulated by law. The technical guidelines for hazardous substances published by the professional associations provide valuable recommendations for their use. These guidelines also contain the currently applicable thresholds.

Do you also provide multimetres for toxic and combustible gases?

You can, of course, also find measurement devices of this type in our range. These are used primarily in municipal governments, wastewater associations and fire departments and cover a broad spectrum of gaseous substances in their measuring capacity.

Do you have photoionisation detectors (PIDs)?

Yes, our measurement devices are equipped with these accordingly. These allow precise and reliable measurement of VOCs.

Are your devices used in the field of occupational safety?

Yes, the quality of our devices has been relied on for years – in particular in businesses belonging to the chemical and petrochemicals industries. The processing industry of many other sectors profits from our measurement technology as far as checking escaping gases in one or more production processes seems sensible.

Do the devices comply with safety requirements as regards DIN EN 61508?

Yes, using the devices in this manner is possible. Our devices are in line with all standards for functional safety in accordance with SIL 2, which means they also hold up to the stipulations of the European standard.