Safety first: Multi-gas meters from Compur Monitors

In the industry high safety standards are in force. In order to protect personnel and the plant from gas leaks, the plant operator must provide all necessary protection. Appropriate safety procedures and monitoring devices complying with industry standards and legal regulations. With a multi-gas warning device from Compur Monitors you are on the safe side. This high quality and reliable multiple gas detector measures the concentration of explosive, flammable and toxic gases in ambient air. If the device detects that the limit value is exceeded or not reached, it immediately triggers an alarm.

Concentration measurement of different gases takes place simultaneously

You must differentiate between single gas warning devices and multi-gas warning devices. Mono gas detectors are specially designed for measuring one certain gas. For example, you can use an appropriate device that specifically measures hydrogen sulphide (H2S) or oxygen. In contrast, multi-gas detectors are designed for simultaneous concentration measurement of different gases.

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Any alarm threshold limit exceeding will trigger an alarm

Whether in industrial production areas, during sewer cleaning or in the vicinity of a sewage station – a leak or formation of gases such as H2S, methane (CH4), carbon monoxide (CO), ammonia (NH3) or even carbon dioxide (CO2) is reliably detected by our multi-gas detector. This also applies in the reverse case. If there is a deficiency of oxygen in a room, this will be detected our multi-gas warning device and an alarm will sound. This is particularly important with regards to personal protection, because confined spaces may become a life-threatening trap for the employees working there.

Certain work areas are particularly at risk

The respective limit values - both for exceeding and falling below - are determined in Germany by the Committee for Hazardous Substances (AGS). Every plant operator must observe these values. Therefore, a multi-gas warning device should be used, wherever flammable gases, explosive gases or fermentation gases may be present in the working environment. In this ambience personal protection equipment is really important. Our handy and lightweight instruments help you to work safely.

Your safety is important to us

Multi-gas warning devices from Compur Monitors are characterized by a high level of functionality. This is also exactly the quality standard that the company, founded in 1898, sets for its own products. Gas warning technology from Compur Monitors always stands for first-class products and customer-oriented service. Just talk to us. We will be happy to advise and inform you about our highly functional multi-gas detectors, their special features and their advantages. Because: Your safety really matters!