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New Statox 560 for NH3 und HCl

Step by step the gas detection system with self – test, Statox 560 finds its place in the market. There is not only request for the gases of the initial generation H2S, COCl2, HCN, Cl2 und CO, but also for ammonia and hydrogen Chloride. In particular detectors for these very corrosive gases tend to “fall asleep”. This phenomenon is partly based on the fact, that deposits of tiny particles on the working electrode “eat the gas away” in case of an exposure. Only when all these particles are saturated with measuring gas, it can access the sensor and thus will be detected.

In practice this means that sensor heads for Ammonia and hydrogen chloride must be exposed to gas very frequently in order to achieve acceptable response time. An instrument like the Statox 560, which performs a daily self – test with gas this is not necessary. The test gas saturates all particles every day and thus avoids the feared falling asleep of the sensors. No wonder there was a strong request to develop a Statox 560 also for ammonia and hydrogen chloride. The self – test not only contributes to enhance functional safety, it also safes a lot of ways and labor – and thus cash money.

The Gas Detector with Self - Test!

Statox 560

Statox 501 PID gas detector for VOC