Compur Tracer

The Compur Tracer is a leak detector for extremely toxic gases. Its electrochemical sensor can detect toxic gases even in the ppb range. Just move the probe along the surface to be checked for leaks. As soon as you approach a leak, the Tracer signalizes the increasing concentration by higher frequency of the audible and visible alarm.

The Tracer protects itself from intoxication by too high concentrations. It switches the internal pump off, so that no additional gas can access the sensor as soon as 95 % of measuring range is exceeded. If the concentration drops, it restarts itself automatically.

If you need to locate leakages with higher concentration, you can convert the Tracer into the„High – Range“ Version with out tools. Just replace the „Low – Range Sensor“ by a „High – Range“ sensor.

The Tracer is not explosion proof. It operates with 4 * AA type batteries.

Technical Data

Sensor principle electrochemical
Response time < 2 s
Operation temperature -20°C to +40°C short – term +60°C
Storage temperature -25°C to +40°C short – term +60°C
Humidity 0 – 99% r.h. non condensing
Flow rate 200 ml/min
Ex approval not explosion proof
Batteries 4 * 1,5 V AA
Current 20 mA with lighted display 140mA
Dimansions (HxWxD) 450x60x50mm
Weight 0,55 kg
Housing lconductive PP
Electromagnetic resilience 61326:1997 (+A1/A2)