Stationary Gas detectors

Wherever gas is present, there is a potential risk for assets, or the health and safety of personnel. Unintended gas emissions may seriously harm people by toxic or explosive gas. While toxic gases have a direct impact on human health, flammable gases may cause fires or explosions. Apart of the direct danger to human life, pollution and destruction of plant facilities can create enormous cost and interruption of operation.

Statox 503 front

Statox 503 Control Module

This Control module can operate with any Compur sensor head, but also with any other 4 – 20 mA front end.


Statox 560

Utmost reliability and user comfort: Self test with gas plus functional safety level SIL 2


Statox 502 Control Module

The control module for all kinds of sensor heads


Statox 501 PID

The stationary gas detection system for VOC and other hazardous gases


Statox 501 Infratox

The fixed gas detection system for combustible gases uses the infrared absorption method of gas detection. It features on site display and non intrusive one- man calibration. The reliability of this system is unmatched. The measuring range varies from ppm to % LEL.

Statox 501 Sensor Heads

The fixed gas detection system for toxic and combustible gases. The Statox 501 Controller operates with 4 – 20 mA transmitters as well as with catalytic sensors.


Statox 501 LC IR

The low – cost version fixed gas detection system for combustible gases uses the infrared absorption method of gas detection in. The Statox 501 IR LC sensor heads are backward compatible to systems using catalytic sensors. They can be used to upgrade such systems without replacing existing hardware.


Statox 501 Infratox CO2

The fixed gas detection system for carbon dioxide using the infrared absorption method of gas detection features on site display and non intrusive one – man calibration. The reliability of this system is unmatched.

In order to avoid any dangerous situation, there are legislative and normative regulations how to maintain high safety standards. Any plant which is handling or producing gas, must observe these. In order to make sure, no gas release will go unnoticed, in potentially dangerous areas fixed or portable gas detectors are used, to precisely measure the gas concentration and generate alarms as soon as the relevant alarm threshold is exceeded.

As a consequence of the alarm either automatically or manually appropriate countermeasures will be taken.

In history gas detection methods were inaccurate and not very reliable. Miners for instance or wine – growers and brewers used canaries or candles to guess the kind and concentration of gas. If the canary died, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or another toxic or asphyxiant gas was present. If the flame of the candle turned blue, this was a sign for carbon monoxide presence, when it had a corona, a flammable gas was present, when it went off, there was carbon dioxide around. Whoever has looked into a candle flame for some time, will know how inaccurate this method was. On top of that, the candle was of course a perfect source of ignition.

A modern gas monitor will neither be inaccurate, nor will it be a potential source of ignition. Portable, fixed, single gas, multi gas: There is the appropriate detector for any application. Which sensor type to choose is depending on the ambient conditions, potential interferences and the requirements of external alarm devices or actuators to the signal.

Compur Monitors product portfolio is based on decades of experience in the field. The enterprise has been founded in 1898. In more than a century, Compur Monitors gas built – up a tradition of manufacturing fine instruments. Based on our own sensor technology we offer real high – end gas detectors. The latest products are presented here on this website.

Protect your personnel and assets with our precise and reliable gas detectors.