Gas detector

They occasionally read it in the papers and are shocked. In a private house or business, gas escapes unnoticed. There is an explosion, people are buried in the building. Such disasters are caused by insidious gas leaks. But they could have been prevented. Our gas detectors keep a watchful eye on the safety of gas pipelines and reliably sound alarms when limit values are exceeded. We manufacture gas detectors for the international market and for various applications in industry, public and private buildings. We produce safety.

Gas detectors are indispensable safety guards

Gas detectors would be a really useful safety feature of a private house. However, their installation is not compulsory, but it will provide the homeowner with a quieter sleep. The gas detector is indispensable in many operational and public areas – such as hospitals, airports, shopping centres, engine rooms, petrol stations. Our gas detectors deliver extremely accurate measurement results for toxic, explosive and flammable gases. They also detect the release of certain refrigerants and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

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Gas detectors for every application

The demands placed on the gas detector vary greatly depending on the field of application. We manufacture single and multi-gas detectors. The devices are either permanently installed or serve as personal protective equipment for monitoring the atmosphere for hazardous substances. They register deviations from the target value of the air in the LEL, ppb and ppm range and immediately give an alarm in the event of danger. Our portable multi-gas detectors draw in air from a distance of up to 20 metres and examine it for the presence of up to five gases. Let our experts advise you. Together we will find the optimal gas detector for your application.

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The installation position: a prerequisite for reliable operation

Each gas detector is only as good as its installation position. Place your gas detector close to potential leaks – such as cable ducts, glands or expansion valves. The installation height of the gas detector depends on the type of gas being monitored. Natural gas/town gas and methane are lighter than air, so the detector should be as close to the ceiling as possible – but only up to four meters high. Butane and propane are heavier than air, they spread near the ground. The gas detector is mounted at a height of about 30 centimeters. We will be happy to advise you on the optimum installation position for our gas detectors.

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Explosion protection and maintenance

Reliability always and everywhere: This is the quality requirement for gas detectors. Our devices are guaranteed to be explosion-proof. Either we enclose them in a flameproof enclosure or we design the electronics to be intrinsically safe – this means that they are so energy-saving that they do not heat up and no spark can form. A further reliability factor: regular expert inspection of the gas detectors. Some of our models perform a self-test every 24 hours. We offer gas generators for the external function test of mobile gas detectors.

As a company founded in 1898, we have accompanied the technical development of gas detectors from the very beginning and combine traditional quality work and high-tech applications with our products. Our gas detectors provide reliable security in public, commercial and private spaces. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions about the technology and selection criteria of our gas detectors. We want you to feel safe.

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