Compur Monitox plus

We do not solicit finished products anymore. The supply of consumables and spare parts is of course still ensured.

Technical Data
 Detectable gases  Cl2, ClO2, CO, COCl2, HCN, HCl
 Measuring range  toxic gases: typ.: 0-10 TLV,  Oxygen: 2-35 Vol. %
 Principle of measurement  electrochemical cell
 Accuracy  +/- 10 %
 Operational temperature range  typ.: -20°C – +40°C
 Relative humidity range  typ.: 20-95 %
 Power supply  Lithium battery
 Expected operationtime  approx. 1000 h per set of batteries
 Alarm  acoustic: typ. 80 dB (A), 30 cm; optical: LED
 Display  LCD, 4 digits
 Dimensions  115 x 62 x 24 mm
 Weight  130 g
 Outputs  earphone jack
 Ex-certificate  EEx ib IIC T6
 Warranty of sensor  12 months (COCl2, HCl, AsH3, PH3: 6 months), O2: 18 months