Chlorine detection

The chemical element chlorine is a molecule consisting oft wo atoms – Cl2. It is part of halogen group and is therefore extremely corrosive. This is the reason why elementary chlorine does not exist in nature. It can only be found in chlorine compounds. As a very reactive substance it is widely used in chemical industry. Consequently it is produced in large quantities electrolyzing sodium chloride (kitchen salt).

Chlorine in the chemical industry

This very reactive gas is known to be used in detergents and for disinfection. But the most important role it plays in chemical manufacturing plants for plastics, resins, cooling agents and pharmaceuticals.


Because chlorine is so reactive, it is very toxic to any kind of organism. Chlorine detection is a must for the safe operation of plants. Fixed gas detectors monitor the storage, manufacturing and transportation areas, while portable chlorine detectors are important for safety at work. Chlorine exposure attacks the respiratory system even in low concentrations. 1 – 2 ppm will irritate pulmonary mucous and the alveoli. More than 66 ppm * h create irreversible health damage, 500 ppm are lethal after a few minutes. This is the reason why the detection of chlorine requires very specific, sensitive and reliable gas detectors.

Reliable chlorine monitors

Compur Monitors offers a big number of different chlorine detectors for many applications: Monitox plus, Tracer, Statox 501, Statox 502, Statox 505 and the most reliable instrument at all: Statox 560 with self – test.

Monitox silber

Monitox plus

Das personenbezogene Gaswarngerät für jeden Einsatzzweck. Wirtschaftlich und zugleich leistungsstark



Ultrasensitiv und dabei spezifisch: Tracer, der Lecksuche für hochtoxische Gase

Statox 501

Misst brennbare Gase im Bereich 0-100 % UEG, gößere Kohlenwasserstoffmoleküle auch im ppm – Bereich.

Statox 502

Der Alleskönner in der Gasmesstechnik

Compur Statox 505

Statox 505

Sicherheit auch im Fehlerfall durch SIL II Standard

Statox 560

Mehr Sicherheit und mehr Bedienerfreundlichkeit geht nicht!