Oxygen detection

Oxygen and iron are the two most important elements on this planet. The most common molecule consists of two oxygen atoms: O2. Our atmosphere consists of 20,9 % oxygen, 78,1 % nitrogen some carbon dioxide and traces of noble gases.

No life on this planet without oxygen

Animals including humans produce the energy they need by oxidizing food to carbon dioxide. Plants produce material by using ultraviolet light to synthesize hydrocarbons from carbon dioxide.

To make a long story short: It is hard to imagine life without oxygen on earth.

Our atmosphere near the earth consists of 20.9 % oxygen, 78.1 % nitrogen and traces of noble gases, CO2, etc. Animals and plants can only live in this atmosphere, although photosynthesis produces more oxygen than they absorb. The absorption of oxygen in humans and animals occurs from the air through respiration. Only in the case of aquatic animals is it produced by gills from oxygen dissolved in the water. In very high concentrations, however, the gas is poisonous for most organisms.

The most important properties of oxygen

Oxygen is colourless and odourless and has an oxidizing effect. It is required for all types of combustion processes.  Pure oxygen can even cause spontaneous combustion of combustible materials.

Why measure oxygen?

Oxygen measurement is indispensable in all areas where oxygen deficiency could occur: Silos, tanks, containers etc. But also where oxygen could be displaced by other gases through chemical or decomposition processes: manholes channels, bioreactors etc. or where oxygen could be depleted by running water: Underground canals, streams, rainwater catchment basins etc.  Oxygen measurement is of course also necessary where the limit values cannot be exceeded: Pure oxygen is produced industrially for technical or chemical processes.  A precise oxygen meter warns in time if the limit values are no longer met.

An O2meter from Compur, such as Micro 5, Microclip, Monitox, Statox 501, Statox 505 or Statox 502, works reliably and accurately in any situation and can often be used for other gases. The calibration is easy to perform by the user. Measuring oxygen with Compur is a sure thing.

Monitox silber

Monitox plus

Das personenbezogene Gaswarngerät für jeden Einsatzzweck. Wirtschaftlich und zugleich leistungsstark

Statox 501

Misst brennbare Gase im Bereich 0-100 % UEG, gößere Kohlenwasserstoffmoleküle auch im ppm – Bereich.

Statox 502

Der Alleskönner in der Gasmesstechnik

Compur Statox 505

Statox 505

Sicherheit auch im Fehlerfall durch SIL II Standard

GAMicro5 IR

Micro 5

Bis zu 5 Gase gleichzeitig messen mit elektrochemischen, katalytischen, IR und PID Sensoren

Gas Alert Micro Clip XT


Das wirtschaftliche und ganz besonders handliche Gaswargerät für bis zu 4 Gase