Avoid maintenance cost – detect wear and tear

Fast detection of iron in oil: SDM-73

In  the grease of stressed joints you will find iron particles caused by abrasion. The amount of iron in the oil is a good indicator for the greasing quality. It tells you if the oil need to be changed.

Just take an oil sample with a disposable syringe and insert into the cuvette. The SDM 73 gives you a direct reading of the iron concentration. The iron content is displayed in ppm. Starting with a certain concentration an oil change is recommended.


Concentration Activity
< 30 ppm, big machines < 100 ppm No activity
30 – 100 ppm, big machines 100 – 300 ppm Change oil check again after 1 month
> 100 ppm, big machines > 300 ppm Improve system,  measure more frequently

Technical Data

Type SDM-73
Measiring principle
Magnetic induction
Application Iron in oil grease
Display 4 – digits LCD
Resolution 1 ppm
Zeroing Automatic
Sampling Disposable syringe
Sampling volume
1,5 ml
Medium Oil
Operation per set of batteries
30 h with 4 * 1,5 V AA
Operation temperature
0 – 40 °C
Weight 0,5 kg
Accessories Pouch, 5 syringes, 2 cannulas

SDM-73 Detection of iron particles in oil