Phosgene Indicator Badge by Compur Monitors

The Compur phosgene dosimeter badge is a reliable and very specific method to measure the phosgene exposure in phosgene producing and processing units. For a measurement the multiple- use Badge holder with clip is furnished with one indicator paper and one diffusion paper. The indicator paper changes from yellow to brick red depending on phosgene concentration and time.
The total dose can be evaluated easily and accurately with the aid of a colour comparator chart.

Application Note/ Interference List

Compur Phosgene Badge Application Note

The chemicals used on the COCl2 Badge are light sensitive. Please keep unused badges in the original bag in order to avoid premature decay.  If the badge has been exposed to high concentrations of COCl2, the color intensity may degrade over time. Exposing the badge to Ammonia fumes (NH3) will restore the original color.

Cross sensitivities:

Cyanochloride                                                    red     

Dichlorotriazine                                                 red

Dicarbonicacid-diester (e.g.Velcorin)              orange

Chloroformates                                                  red-orange

Carbamoyl Chloride                                          red

Tetrachlorocyclopropene                                  dark-red

Dimethylsulfamoyl chloride                              red

 The badge will also respond – although with far less sensitivity – to chlorides and esters of other organic acids. If you should notice response to other chemicals not mentioned herein, please notify Compur Monitors.  Your comments are very important for us in order to improve our application notes.   

!!!  Safety advice  !!!

Phosgene Indicator badges are not an active warning device. They should be used as personal passive dosimeter badges only.

The conditions under which our products are used, are beyond our control. Therefore the user must fully test our products and /or information to determine suitability for any intended use, application, condition or situation.