Leak Detectors

In addition to gas detectors, leak detectors are indispensable in order to comply with safety standards. Ideally, a good detector can find even very small leaks during a routine check a long time before a safety-relevant leak or even a large release occurs. If there is a leak, this device helps to locate it quickly. Compur Monitors portable detectors used for control measurements contribute to safety especially if the area is not covered by stationary gas detectors.


The Compur Tracer

Ultra sensitive leak detector for extremely toxic gases with very low alarm thresholds.

Mobile leak detectors for flammable and toxic gases differ in the way they work from stationary instruments. In most cases the sensors are less specific. In order to reduce the response time to a minimum, leak detectors have an internal pump. This helps to locate a leak by moving the instrument along a surface. While fixed measuring devices continuously monitor the ambient air over a larger area, the lightweight, portable device is particularly suitable for scanning surfaces, pipes and fittings. It is an important tool for ensuring plant safety by detecting leaks. In order locate a leak as quickly as possible, the devices must measure most sensitive.

Compur Monitors offers portable detectors for a wide range of applications. The compact devices can be used to reliably detect a leak in outdoor or indoor areas. They are suitable for the maintenance and inspection of a wide range of industrial and research facilities. The Compur Tracer is an extremely flexible device for the detection of toxic gases. However, it is no longer available as an explosion-proof version. If necessary, it can be converted to a high-range sensor detector by just replacing the sensor. The XP-3100 series detectors can be equipped with different types of sensors. They can therefore be used for very different applications. With the XP-702III leak detector, all types of leaks can be quickly located. Thanks to a combination of different measuring principles, it is highly sensitive to leaking coolants and combustible gases and reliably detects existing leaks.

The handy leak detectors from Compur Monitors are the result of intensive development work in gas measurement technology. Sophisticated sensors and small but extremely reliable components allow the design of precision measuring instruments with compact dimensions. During the development process easy handling and intuitive programming are most important criteria. Thanks to many years of experience, we know which features are particularly important for mobile leak detectors. For this reason, you will find detectors with a high degree of user-friendliness in our range. The equipment includes, for example, illuminated displays, clearly arranged control panels, intuitive menu navigation or automatic switch-off when the measuring range is exceeded. Changing batteries –rechargeable or not – is as easy as the replacement of filters or sensors.

Choose the leak detector from the Compur monitors range that best suits your application. The choice of different versions and features allows you to find a device with the right specifications. No matter which model you choose, you will get a reliable precision instrument that is perfectly suited to its tasks.