Leak Detector: The Compur Tracer

Tracer – Leak detection in the ppb range


The Tracer has its strength where other methods of leak detection would fail, because they have cross sensitivities to other gases. Such selectivity is requested in plants using or producing extremely toxic substances. These plants always have a „Zero Emission Policy“ in force. Here high sensitivity in combination with good selectivity is required.

Sensor technology

Electrochemical sensors can be designed to be very selective and sensitive at the same time by choosing the right material for electrodes and electrolyte. These sensors will not respond to less dangerous substances that might be around in the plant such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, hydrogen or even humidity. A detection limit of Phosgene as low as 2 ppb is no problem for this sensor technology!

The Tracer is capable to detect even the smallest traces of toxic gases. The detection limit is in the low ppb range depending on the substance to be detected. As a leak detector might be exposed to very high concentrations, it must not be used as a personal monitor. To avoid it being abused as such, it displays no concentration, but only a dimensionless figure or a bar graph.

Using the Tracer

To locate a leak, move the sample intake along the surface to be inspected. The measured value will increase when a leak is approached. The display can be selected between bar graph and digital. A control tone and LED will increase in frequency with increasing measured value similar to a Geiger counter.

The Tracer will protect itself from poisoning. If the measured value goes out of range the pump will go off and start again when it drops below 95% of the range.

The graphic display is easy to read. At night or in dark places in the plant a backlight can be switched on.

Consumables such as sensor, filter or sampling probe can easily be replaced without tools.

Field test results – the high range version

Day to day practise has proven that an ultra-low measuring range does not always do the job. Therefore Compur Monitors has completed the Tracer product range by a new HIGH range version. It uses an orifice in front of the sensor increasing the measuring range by a factor of 20. The user can do that without changing the amplifier adjustment. All it takes is just replacing the LOW range sensor by a HIGH range sensor and so cover a measuring range from the low ppb range up to the two digit ppm level!

Standard Version

The Tracer comes with 4 AA size disposable batteries. This version is not explosion proof.


Technical Data
 Measuring principle  electrochemical
 Response time  < 2 s
 Operating temperature  -20°C – +40°C short term +60°C
 Storage temperature  -20°C – +40°C short term +60°C
 Humidity  0 – 99 % r. H. non condensing
 Flow  200 ml / min
 Operation Time  Non Ex: 72 h With rechargeable batteries: 2 h per charge
 Ex approval  Ex version is no longer available
 Battery  4 AA size batteries
 Power consumption  20mA, with backlight on: 140mA
 Dimensions (HxWxD)  450x60x50mm
 Weight  0,55 kg
 Housing material  conductive PP
 EMV: EN 61326:  1997 (+A1/A2)  Emission threshold B and general impact protection


Tracer Non EX

Tracer EX Version

Tracer Conversion

Data sheet Tracer

The Tracer features ultra sensitive leak detection for the following gases:
COCl2, HCN, Cl2, NO2, ClO2 and H2S.