Iron in grease means wear and tear

Fast and easy detection of iron particles in grease

If grease is really stressed, iron abrasion may take place. The more iron is present, in the grease medium, the more intense abrasion will be. This instrument helps you to decide when the rease must be changed.

Just take a sample with the little spatula and insert it into the instrument. You will have an immediate reading of the iron content in ppm.

Interpretation of the readings:

Concentration Measure to be taken
< 500 ppm None
500 – 1000 ppm Replace grease – next measurement after 3 months
> 1000 ppm Improve system shorten measurement schedule

Technical data

Type SDM-72
Measuring principle
Elektromagnetic induction
Application Iron in grease
Display 4 – digit LCD
Resolution 10 ppm
Zeroing Automatic
Sampling tool
Sample volume 0,8 ml
Medium Grease
Operation time
30 h with 4 * 1,5 V AA
Operation temperature
0 – 40 °C
Weight 0,5 kg
Accessories Pouch, spatula, cuvette