Locating leakages of toxic gases and cooling agents

Leak detector XP-702III

The XP-702III is the perfect tool locating gas leaks. No pollution by foam, 20 times more sensitive than soap foam!

Its sensor consists of a semiconductor sensor combined with a catalytic sensor. It is very sensitive and responds very fast to almost any gas. Just move the probe along a surface in order to locate a leak. The audible and the visible signal will increase their frequency when concertration rises as you approach a leak. The auto ranging feature will automatically switch to next measuring range as soon as the signal gets closer to a permanent tone. A row of five LEDs shows you in which range you are.

Technical data

Type XP-702III-B
Measuring principle
Catalytic semiconductor
Application Combustible gases
Display LED, LCD and acoustic
Detectable leak rate
Combustible gases 3,3*10-6hPA*m3/s
Detectable limit
10 ppm
Response time 3 s
Power supply 2* 1,5 V AA
Operation time
12 h
Ex – approval Japanese
Operating temperature -20°C to + 50°C
Weight 190 g
Dimensions 38 * 13 * 32 mm
Options Hardened copper tube, Gas bag, tube
Accessories Pouch, Filter, Moisture trap, probe
Lecksuche XP 702 III

Leak detector XP-702III