Can the gas detectors be used in the field of plant safety?

Nobody installs gas warning systems for the fun of ti. As a rule, they are part of an alarm chain that protects the system itself, but of course also the people in the plant from damage caused by toxic or explosive gases. It is therefore a so-called SIS (Safety Instrumented System).

The industry places particularly high demands on such systems with regard to their operational safety. In order to quantify the reliability of a system, the term "functional safety" is defined. This is measured in SIL (Safety Integrity Level), whereby the SIL can range between 1 and 4. In order to be able to actually calculate a SIL, one quantifies the probability of the system failing just when it would be needed, i.e. when there is a gas hazard.

In order to calculate these, each individual component and each software component is checked for its operational safety. Important calculation parameters are the sff (Safe Failure Fraction) and the pfd (Probability of Failure on Demand). The sff provides information on how high the proportion of failures is that is noticed. A failure of the alarm chain that is noticed is not so serious, since the system operator knows that the alarm chain is not intact and can initiate countermeasures. The pfd defines the probability of a failure just when gas is present.

The lowest possible pfd and the highest possible sff lead to the highest possible SIL classification. SIL 4 is the highest achievable level, SIL 1 the lowest. Compur gas detectors usually reach SIL 2, which is a remarkably good rating for gas detectors. Compur Monitors gas detectors even make a measurable contribution to increasing plant safety.

Of course, our gas detectors are also suitable for this application and make a valuable contribution to the safety of your operation. In this area, too, you are assured of precise measurement and control of toxic and non-toxic gases that may potentially escape from your plants or factory machines.

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